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Welcome to FMIC

Post  Super Gazelle on Wed Feb 16, 2011 4:45 am

Hi, and welcome to the Forza Motorsport International Challenge (FMIC) forum. This is where all the details are kept, such as standings, championships, ideas etc. This is our home.

What are we about? We are a group of racers who met pretty randomly on Xbox Live, when we were all looking for some proper, endurance racing. We've been together as a group for about 3 months as of this post and have had some intense, exciting, clean, close racing.

What's the FMIC? It's our idea of some real racing, with no stupid crashing from in-experienced drivers who don't care what happens and a good, strong amount of laps, which should hopefully bring fuel & tyres into play. The point too, is to make the FMIC look like a pretty professional championship, running with clean-cut, good looking race liveries, complete with unique numbers per driver and unique car design.

Why would you join us? We are all clean racers, who are all different in our ways. Despite being very different drivers, we have some of the closest, most exciting racing I've seen on Forza. We hope you want to join in, so have a look around and enjoy!
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